Group Descriptions


After completing swim lessons, swimmers work on technique exercises and building endurance. The focus within this group is foundational and will primarily concentrate on freestyle and backstroke stroke development. To participate in the Swim Team, swimmers must be able to comfortably swim one length of the pool as all events in this group are predominantly 25 yards in length. Coaches are available to help assess your child if you are unsure of their qualification. They will continue developing those two strokes as well as exploring breaststroke and even some butterfly. Swimmers in the Minnow group will also compete in some of their very first races of the season.

Mini-Marlins (Black and Gold)

Swimmers in this group have had an introduction to competitive swimming. Stroke technique will continue to be refined with the addition of endurance and conditioning. In addition, goal setting, race strategy, and understanding of time standards are emphasized. Swimmers in this group generally compete in novice level meets in addition to qualifying meets such as Area Champs and YMCA Regionals. Swimmers are encouraged to attend 2+ practices a week.

Age-Group Marlins

The Age-Group is intended for swimmers who are prepared to handle consistent and rigorous training sessions weekly. The emphasis is on moderate to high intensity during practice, implementing advanced drills and swimming sets. Swimmers in this group have a higher level of competitive swimming experience. Advanced stroke techniques will be introduced. There is a stronger emphasis on strength and conditioning. In addition, more advanced goal setting and race strategies will be introduced. Swimmers are encouraged to compete at local and statewide swim meets and are prepared to race every event at every distance. Swimmers are also encouraged to attend 3 to 4 practices a week. Swimmers at this group will be able to join and compete in the USA Swimming and Diving Competition League.

Senior Marlins

Swimmers in this group have a proven commitment and ability to train at the senior level. While not all Seniors strive to attend National level meets, all Senior swimmers work toward individual goals and communicate said goals with coaches. The Senior group will refine advanced stroke techniques, increase training volume, and enter a period of event specialization while attempting to achieve LSC Championship, Junior National, National, and Olympic Trial time standards. Swimmers in this group commit to 10+ hours per week of water training while increasing dryland strength training. Swimmers are expected to attend all 5+ practices, dryland training, and all swim meets.